textile waste hongkong

A new public sculpture offers a disquieting look at textile waste in one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. A collaboration between fashion nonprofit Redress, appliance firm Miele, and Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Visual Arts,YWASTE? is a visual approximation of the fabrics that flood Hong Kong landfills every two minutes: 360 kilograms, or nearly 794 pounds. "Clothing and textile waste rates around the world are now at horrific levels, which we need tackle urgently," says Christina Dean, founder of Redress, which organizes the annual EcoChic Design Award. "We are now buying and treating clothes like disposable goods."

Hong Kong people consign an average 95,550 tons of textiles to landfills every year, or roughly 11,250 garments every hour, according to the Chinese territory's Environmental Protection Department.

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