roodkapje rootcamp rotterdam 2016

ROOT CAMP: 10 days of cutting-edge art & outdoor activities in July. Location: Park Pompenburg. Opening Friday July 15 at 17:00. Entrance to Root Camp is free!
This Summer Roodkapje explores the great outdoors of Rotterdam’s inner city urban jungle. From 15-24 July the crew sets camp in Park Pompenburg. ROOT CAMP is their temporary base in the heart of Rotterdam. For 10 days Roodkapje showcases cutting-edge art, music and film, while Burgertrut serves tasty burgers and drinks. They open their Radicals fan-shop and host a range of outdoor activities, including workshops and an Iguanarama-BBQ, hosted by local noiseniks Iguana Death Cult.
Roodkapje has always been a nomadic organization. They moved from Witte de Withstraat to Meent to Teilingerstraat, organized events in the illustrious Baja, in caravans on Schouwburgplein and on the 20th floor of the Hofpoort. In recent years, Burgertrut followed a different path. In July 2016 their paths cross again at Root Camp, a preview towards a more permanent reunion.

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