klee's bauhaus teachings

Lesson 1: 
take a line for a walk

“An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal.” So begins Klee’s Pedagogical Sketchbook, which served as something of a textbook for many Bauhaus students. Five pages follow this famous description of the most basic of human marks, outlining the various types of lines, from those that circumscribe themselves to others that contain fixed points. Each example is accompanied by a diagram, which Klee likely drew on the blackboard during his lectures. Many of Klee’s lessons center around this type of categorization, demonstrating the multiple ways in which a point can become a line, a line can become a plane, and so on. Beginning with the fundamentals, Klee modeled his teaching methods after the way children learn to read. “First letters, then symbols, then, finally, how to read and write,” he explained. Just as you can rearrange a series of letters to make different words, Klee would ask his students to repeat the same form in as many positions as possible. Such painstaking tasks would lay the groundwork for future works of art and design, and needed to be mastered before tone and color entered the picture.

lezing duurzaamheid lidewij edelkoort 2017

‘Earth Matters’ gaat over de wereldwijde ontwikkeling op het gebied van duurzaamheid en respect voor de aarde. 

In de wereld van design, wetenschap en het bedrijfsleven zijn deze ontwikkelingen van groot belang. Aan de hand van de thema's 'Stil staan bij de oorsprong', 'Ingrediënten verzamelen', 'Materialen heruitvinden' en 'Duurzame productie' krijgt de bezoeker een beter begrip van de duurzame cyclus. 

De tentoonstelling toont experimenten - van mode tot design - die bijdragen aan een duurzamer productieproces. Alle projecten zetten aan tot nadenken over de oorsprong van materiaal en het makersproces. De tentoonstelling is samengesteld door Lidewij Edelkoort en Philip Fimmano, in samenwerking met het TextielMuseum.

Lezing op zaterdag 10 juni 2017.....Meer informatie op www.textielmuseum.nl/ 

wind chimes, summerexpo 2017

landart by ida broekhart

Dutch artist Ida Broekhart created an installation for the Summerexpo 2017 Krimpenerwaard in South-Holland. 

The big wind chimes, made of waste, are a call for an intergenerational balance! A call to make our planet great again!

It is on display from June to September in the sculpture garden at gallery De Berk in the nature reserve Krimpenerwaard (only by appointment)

The artist likes to work with textiles & waste and wants to lissen to the need for the intergenerational balance. 

These wingongs are made of gold-colored jar lids, braided nylon cord, construction plastics, antique wooden yarn blocks, pebbles.....

magic circle, summerexpo 2016

landart by Ida Broekhart

We all need a place where we can go,  to escape from stress, trouble or sorrow.  I have found such a place to call my own.  Peaceful but exciting and for me alone.  This Magic Circle has so many things I need  Comfort in my sorrow from unkind word or deed.  Peace at the end of a long and trying day.  Encouragement when I falter on life's pathway.  Inside this Magic Circle I've shed so many tears;  also shared my laughter my dreams and my fears.  I've shared so much excitement, love and fun. I Wish a Magic Circle for each and every one....Part of a poem by Joyce Stiles Spencer...