mathildefestival terneuzen 2018

painting  1975
'farewell to Mathilde' by  Carel Willink 
In July 2018 Ida Broekhart Contemporary Textile Art will participate in an exhibition in Terneuzen, hometown of Mathilde Willink-Doelder (1938-1977). The exhibition/festival is in honor of Mathilde Willink, style icon in the 70s and muse of her husband painter Carel Willink. She was a living work of art with her extraordinary hairstyle, her hysterical make-up, wearing dresses of hip Chinese-Dutch designer Fong Leng.
As the festival is an ode to Mathilde, all artwork exhibited during the festival has somehow a link with this style icon. After obtaining her grammar diploma, Mathilde went to Amsterdam to study at University. During those years she became a societyfigure but after her divorce from Willink she became depressed and died too young under suspicious circumstances.
Exhibition during the month of July in Gallery and culturecafé 'Lokaal 54', Nieuwstraat 54, Terneuzen, Zeeuws Vlaanderen, The Netherlands. Open 13.00-18.00 on Wednesday to Sunday.  Opening festival on 7 July at 10 am-7pm (the day Mathilde celebrated her 80th birthday) with art, performances, fashion, food an more. 

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