how to be an artist, according to georgia o’keeffe

picture O'Keeffe for LOOK 1960 by Tony Vaccaro

“The notion that you can make an artist overnight, that there is nothing but genius, and a dash of temperament in artistic success is a fallacy,” American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) asserted in 1928. The year before, she’d been given her successful first retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum. But O’Keeffe wasn’t done developing as an artist—or contemplating what it meant to be one. “Great artists don’t just happen, any more than writers, or singers, or other creators,” she continued. “They have to be trained, and in the hard school of experience.”
Lesson 1: Observe the world around you—closely, hungrily
Through this process of close looking, O’Keeffe sought to communicate the essence of her surroundings: “It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis,” she said in 1922, “that we get at the real meaning of things.”
Lesson 2: Organization is key to productivity
She kept her studios, her palette and brushes clean and neat. The palette is on a table she can wheel about—another one is on the window sill—the easel is by the window—another easel is on the window sill. One ten foot table is full of canvas and stretchers and hammers and tacks—then there is a small table full of little pieces of canvas covered cards painted tones of all the colors she has.

Lesson 3: Don’t sweat mistakes—learn from them
She painted the patio door of her New Mexico home more than 20 times. “I have a single-track mind. I work on an idea for a long time,” she told art historian Katharine Kuh. “Success doesn’t come with painting one picture. It results from taking a certain definite line of action and staying with it,” she continued.
Lesson 4: Pay no attention to trends—be yourself
O’Keeffe desired freedom—from artistic trends, from the pressures of the mainstream art world, from the fetters of a male-dominated society. And it was by bucking expectations that she made a unique and revolutionary body of work. “I believe in having everything and doing everything you want,” she once wrote, “if you really want to—and if you can in any possible way.” O’Keeffe lived her dream uncompromisingly and ecstatically. 

expositie huis der zotheid rotterdam

foto: Ida Broekhart

In de maand maart 2018, vanwege het 2-jarige bestaan, een mooie tentoonstelling in de ARTspace van literair café en boekwinkel het 'Huis der Zotheid', Haringvliet 401 Rotterdam. 

Kleine creaties van een aantal kunstenaars, die de afgelopen 2 jaar in 'Het Huis' geëxposeerd hebben. Met dank aan Wilma Kun, beeldend kunstenaar en cultureel entrepreneur.

Exposanten: Astrid de Pauw, Astrid Moors, Ger C. Bout, Hüma Birgül, Ida Broekhart, Inez Odijk, Maki Oishi, Marcel Theodore Anthony Bosch, Marius van Berloo, Mia van der Burg, Pim van Halen, Ralph Meijgaard, Rommert Boonstra, Sebastian Haquin, Stefan Gross, Yoshi Koinuma, Zhanhang Liao

roodkapje, madison bycroft & paul smullenberg

Roodkapje cordially invites you to the third edition of their latest invented tradition. Ever since Roodkapje's earliest exhibitions at the start of the millennium in the Witte de Withstraat , there have been dinner parties involving performance. They turned into public events, in which the artist and a select number of visitors shared food for thought. In early 2015 chef Paul Smullenberg hosted a Weird Food From The Future - performance / dinner during Roodkapje's Radicals #1 festival in the former Baja Beach Club.

The Last Supper is the returning closing ritual of current and upcoming exhibitions in Roodkapje. Visitors are invited to join the artist at the dinner table for a series of exclusive and delicious artistic-culinary revelations in our exhibition space.
Their illustrious chef Paul Smullenberg (Roodkapje; Burgertrut / Foodigans) prepares some of his token extraordinary & extravagant dishes, inspired by the work and the exhibition of the artist-in-residence. Their current exhibition is 'The Half Sunk Hollow' by Madison Bycroft, which runs from 02/03 [Opening: Madison Bycroft | The Half Sunk Hollow [exhibition] to 31/04.

Participation / food (drinks not included) is €11. There is a limited amount of tickets available through presale: (Vegan)
01/04/2018 | Roodkapje Rotterdam, The Third / Last Supper w/Madison Bycroft and chef Paul Smullenberg, Doors 18:30 | Dinner 19:00 #sharp, Presale [€11]:

emanuelle moureaux designer/architect

Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design (Japan)

As the world's first museum bringing Art and Design together, Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design has opened in August, 2017 in Toyama, Japan. The opening ceremony exhibition Part 2 "Art and Design, dialogue with materials" was held to introduce different characteristics and attractiveness of materials such as wood, metal and new forefront materials, shaped into various forms by artists and designers. In this exhibition, French architect/designer Emmanuelle Moureaux (1971)has worked with paper to show the beauty and possibility of paper as a material.

The sensory element "color", and the mathematical element "time". The installation "COLOR OF TIME" superimposes these two elements, to visualize and make one feel the flow of time. The first day of the exhibition, the sky of Toyama City on November 16, 2017. From the sunrise at 06:30, the color transitions through a total of 799 minutes, passing 18:11 astronomical twilight to 19:49, when the color disappears into blackness. This flow of time is perceived through the transitional journey through 100 shades of colors.

vrouwendag rotterdam 2018

Uitnodiging voor de Internationale Vrouwendag Rotterdam 2018 op 8 maart in Huis der ZotheidHaringvliet 401, Rotterdam
Ronde Tafelgesprekken
Platteland vs stad! Fight for your right! More money, less abuse?

Intern. onderzoek geweld op de werkvloer.
Meer info
12:00-13:00 | Lunch
13:00-13:30 | Opening
13:30-14:00 | Rebel Girls
14:00-16:00 | Round Table
16:00-17:00 | Gesprek
17:00-19:00 | Diner
19:00-20:00 | Talkshow
19:00-21:00 | Film
Vrouw van het jaar zie

Internationale thema's
Time is now: Rural and Urban Activists transforming women's lives

retrospective in the house of craziness rotterdam

 textile work by Ida Broekhart

In March 2018 'The House of Craziness' has existed for 2 years at Haringvliet 401 Rotterdam. Wilma Kun, visual artist, feminist and cultural entrepeneur has organized montly exhibitions with artists mainly from the Randstad area in the ARTspace of cultural café and bookshop 'The House of Craziness.'

The festive opening of the retrospective in ARTspace takes place on Sunday 4 March at 4 o'clock. With Ida Broekhart Contemporary Textile Art and other artists with small artworks.

The House bar is open with wine & refreshments, all kinds of tea, coffee & homemade cakes and live Argentinian music. Entrance 5 euro.

Exhibitors: Astrid de Pauw, Astrid Moors, Ger C. Bout, Hüma Birgül, Ida Broekhart, Inez Odijk, Maki Oishi, Marcel Theodore Anthony Bosch, Marius van Berloo, Mia van der Burg, Pim van Halen, Ralph Meijgaard, Rommert Boonstra, Sebastian Haquin, Stefan Gross, Yoshi Koinuma, Zhanhang Liao