textielexposities maassluis 2019

Ida Broekhart:  miniatuur origami op textiel

Ook op de woensdagmiddag is de duo-expositie met Jannie van Essen 

van 13.00 -17.00 open in het Douanehuisje Govert van Wijnkade 52, Maassluis-sleepboothaven t/m 2 juni.

Duurzaamheid, mixed media textiel & feminisme

Groter werk van Ida Broekhart hangt t/m 4 augustus 2019 in 
Museum Maassluis met Willy Minderhoud (keramiek) en Gerda Ploeg (borduurwerk) op de Zuiddijk 16-18, 
3143 AS Maassluis-historisch centrum.
Voor meer informatie telefoon: 010 - 5913813
Maandag gesloten en dinsdag t/m zondag 14.00 - 17.00 uur open

Sien, Vos en het Vrouwenhuis Maassluis

textile art by aminah robinson

Aminah Robinson
Robinson was born in 1940 and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She continued to live and work in Columbus and graduated from the Columbus Art School cum laude in 1960, then studying art history and philosophy at Ohio State University (1960 to 1963) Franklin University, and Bliss College.

Robinson was christened "Aminah" (derived from Aamina, mother of the Islamic prophet Muhamad) by an Egyptian cleric during her visit to Africa in 1979. She changed her name legally to include the forename in 1980.

Her art was shown at the Columbus Museum of Art, the Tacoma Art Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum. She died in 2015.
Her diverse body of work ranges from drawings and woodcuts to complex sculptures made from natural and synthetic materials, such as twigs, carved leather, music boxes, and "hogmawg," her own material composed of mud, grease, dyes, and glue. The artist's "Memory Maps" (multi-media constructions of appliquéd cloth panels) contain "the idea and symbols of Africa—as a reservoir of culture, as the abode of spirits and inspiration for form and meanings that have traversed the great transatlantic African Diaspora to the Americas.
Robinson had been the subject of nearly two hundred solo and group exhibitions before the 2002 retrospective, Symphonic Poem: The Art of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson at the Columbus Museum of Art.

museum maassluis met feminisme, kunst & meer

Museum Maassluis

In de tentoonstelling "Sien, VOS en het Vrouwenhuis" is ook kunst te zien van Maassluise kunstenaar Ida Broekhart. Onder andere de Ode aan de Suffragette en de Roze Parade. Maar zij exposeert deze zomer niet alleen in Museum Maassluis. Meer werk van haar is te zien in het Douanehuisje.

Openingstijden Douanehuisje op woens-, zater- en zondag zijn van 13.00- 17.00 uur. De expositie Textiel, duurzaamheid & feminisme duurt t/m zondag 2 juni. Er is altijd een kunstenaar tijdens de openingsuren aanwezig.

Douanehuisje, Govert van Wijnkade 52, Maassluis-sleepboothaven.

Openingstijden museum Maassluis zijn, behalve maandag, van 14.00 - 17.00 uur. De expositie over Feminisme, kunst en meer duurt t/m zondag 4 augustus. Op de zaterdagen is er van 15.00 -17.00 uur altijd iemand in het nagebootste vrouwenhuis aanwezig op de Zuiddijk 16 - 18 in het historische centrum.

aboriginal art by doris bush nungurrayi

Doris Bush Nungurrayi is an Australian Aboriginal artist (born c. 1942, in Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory). She is a painter at the Aboriginal-owned Papunya Tjupi art centre in Papunya, an Indigenous Australian community northwest of Alice Springs.

Her first solo exhibition "Doris Bush Nungarrayi: This is a Love Story" opened at Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney in 2012. Her work is held in the Maquarie Bank Collection, Artbank, and the University of Western Sydney collection.

Her father was Warlpiri and her mother Yalkutjari Nakamarra a Pintupi woman from the Kintore region whose father was ‘boss’ for the Kintore region. Doris is also known by her “bush name” Darinji. She married George Bush Tjangala, a Luritja/Amnatyerre speaking man whose family came from just west of Alice Springs. Together they had three sons. George Bush was one of Papunya Tula Artists’ original shareholders, though he did not paint much for the company apart from a brief period in the early 1980s. Doris was a familiar figure in some of the Aboriginal art galleries of Alice Springs. She became one of the most prolific and enthusias painters in the community.