2018: Video of Bennie Janssens for the city of Terneuzen. The opening of Mathilde festival in the galeries 'Lokaal 54' & the Old Postoffice. Including Ida Broekhart Mixed Media Art.
2018: Video of Bennie Janssens for the Dutch County of Zeeland, which highlighted artwork of a few artists participating at several locations in Terneuzen during Mathilde festival. Including Ida Broekhart Mixed Media Art.

2017: Various articles in de Schakel, Midden Delftland, local papers about the group exhibitions in Tavenu, Maasland. With Ida Broekhart and Peter Hofland. Also in the news of the local radio station: WOS radio Westland.
2017: Publication in the Zeeuwse Courant with an article about the exhibition in the old Catharina church Zeeuws Vlaanderen.

2016: Toorts magazine, Nivon Rotterdam. An article about Duo-exhibition Ida Broekhart & Gabrielle Marie.

2015: international Artmagazine 'Sachet Mixte'. An article about Ida Broekhart-Textile Art in Women edition Five: Volume 5 Paperback by Simon O'Corra (author)
2015: Textile artwork Supernova was published in artcatalogue 'Kunstwerken voor water', which included information on 19 (inter-) national artists. Ida Broekhart was with these artists selected to exhibit in the Provinciehuis Utrecht for the purpose of World Water Day 2015.
The title of the exhibition "War, Peace & Beauty" is based on the transition of the 'New Holland Waterline'. From an area of military function (War) through a period of peace (Peace) to recreational opportunities (Beauty). With its 70 years of peace, the 200-year-old military defence line is now an oasis of rest for man, animal and plant in an increasingly densely populated area east of the Randstad. Design: Erik Van Loon, final editor: Wilma Kun, publisher: Aquarius Foundation.
2015: Gallery Werklicht TV on YouTube Exposé Carte Blanche Ida Broekhart interviewed by Gabrielle Marie (curator) & groupexhibition with Jan David Hartsuijker, Peter Hofland & Ruben van Luijk.

2013, 14, 15 and 16: introduction with picture in a special edition of local newspaper 'de Ster' together with other participants of Artwalk Kralingen-Crooswijk Rotterdam.

2012: An introduction of Ida Broekhart Textile Art in the winter edition of BIOscope magazine due to a solo exhibition in the ‘Groene Passage’ gallery Rotterdam. Environmental friendly print publisher Genmai
2012: Ida Broekhart Textile Art was page-published in 'Textielleeft', a colourful book with 1500 art images of 250 artists & designers. A book full of inspiring textile art from the Netherlands and Belgium. Published in Dutch, English and German. Publisher: Ellen Bakker: composition, design & coordination. 

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